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In Graphics & Assorted Photographs on March 21, 2011 at 12:49 pm

I have spent quite some time searching the internet in look of something truly, consistently, interesting.  In the end I have found 3 sites that I am continually attached to and keep going back to look at.  I will display one post or piece that I have found from each of these, and hopefully you have the chance to experience these blogs too.

From the animation shorts site: http://www.aniboom.com/
http://api.aniboom.com/e/469575 <–at this link.  Unfortunately it does not allow me to embed videos from this site.

I have watched many videos on aniboom, and found this to be the most entertaining.  The others are deep and meaningful, and some have beautiful graphics.  But most do not have the beautiful storyline that this short does.  Ok, so the animator did not write the script for this movie himself.  He used an old broadcasting for the voices, and fitted his animation to it.  This clip, though, is completely worth the watch.  It’s approximately 24 minutes long, and is thoroughly entertaining.  It is a classic, with new, simple (but not over-simplified) graphics.
The second site that I am going to show is Drawn, found at this site: http://blog.drawn.ca/

Help Japan Poster

Personally, I love the simplicity of this poster.  The classic blood orange rising sun is symbolic of Japan, and the cracks are done very well.  Although the website Drawn found it on was degrading such posters, I believe the contrary.  Of course we should help Japan, and hopefully they are better off now as the news report.  I personally was there when the Earthquake occurred, and felt it too, though I am ok.  We must help such a beautiful, orderly nation (which has such delicious food as well!).
The third site I am going to introduce to you is Gurafiku: http://gurafiku.tumblr.com/
This is a poster done by Taku Satoh in the year 2006 called “Surfer and Designer”  I first knew of Taku Satoh when I went to Kanazawa and visited the 21st century museum, and bought a small book of his works there.  His works are really quite unique, and that is why I have chosen this piece from Gurafiku, a Japanese graphics blog.
These are the three sites I always go on and check in my free time, I hope you go check them out too!
Other sites may include: http://psd.tutsplus.com/
Psd tuts has some cool graphics and also has some photoshop tutorials.
Japan Times is also one of my favorites, although it does not update too often.

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