Bouchon Bistro Français – Soho

In Food - HK on March 25, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Today for lunch I ventured with my friend to the narrow streets of Soho.  We had booked Bouchon, a casual French Bistro at 49 Elgin Street.  Many times when I eat French it is the more refined michelin-star type restaurants, and I was glad to have a more country-style (if you could call it that) French lunch.



There was a set lunch for $108 HKD, which my friend ordered.  She chose the onion soup and steak tartar.  The onion soup was very salty and was pretty standard, as was the steak tartar.  The tartar was good but nothing special.  As you placed the beef into your mouth a slightly sour taste would erupt, due to the lime and the capers.  As I said, it was delicious but not something you couldn’t easily get at another restaurant.  Here they are pictured below:

Onion Soup

Steak Tartar

I didn’t choose the set, but rather chose a “Pot au feu” that included foie gras, bone marrow, and a tender cut of beef for HKD$228.  I also ordered a buttered tagliatelle to accompany (HKD $48).  First of all let me say that the tagliatelle was not worth the price that I paid.  It was very ordinary and plain –  literally just tagliatelle and melted butter.  It came in portions that were definitely less that what 48 dollars could buy.  The “Pot au feu”, however, was exactly the type of dish I liked.  It was served in a Le Creuset pot and was filled with a hearty soup.  The bone marrow was fulfilling yet not to0 much, and the foie gras was tasty (though personally I think it tastes better pan-fried).  The beef itself was tender, and each mouthful went with a spoon of soup.  I couldn’t finish it by myself, but with the help of my friend managed almost to.  The original taste was a bit bland, but salt in a cute sack was given on the side so perhaps they expected us to adjust the saltiness ourselves.  Here is what I ordered:

Butter Tagliatelle

Pot au feu

I might come back to Bouchon in the future just to taste this pot again, or maybe to try some of their other dishes.  Though their dishes aren’t extremely special, they are still quite good and this is the place to go for a nice casual meal.

  1. Excellent write up! Well done chloe!

  2. It looks great, Chloe. I might try it someday.

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