Butao Ramen Stall – Central

In Food - HK on March 27, 2011 at 1:32 am

There has never been a restaurant more worth the wait.  For Butao, you do have to wait, and it is a long tedious one.  Depending on when you arrive, waiting time can range from half an hour to even one and a half hours.  I got there at about 11:00 AM for lunch, and had to wait an hour to get the 3rd seating of seats.  It really is a tiny stall, in a little street right behind Queens Road East, across from Landmark.  You get a little sheet to choose such things as this: do you want their special sauce?  How spicy? How hard? Extra Noodles?  That sort of thing.  I have seen such a form before in Japan so this idea was not to me especially interesting.  I chose “extra hard” noodles, which give it a chewy al dente texture. Butao is special in the way that Hong Kong, despite having many quality Japanese restaurants, does not have much good, hearty ramen.  Many ramen shops in Hong Kong try to be innovative and try all sorts of different things that don’t work.  What you want is an interesting normal ramen that fills you up to the top – spirit and all.  There was another ramen shop, Mist, in Causeway Bay that also serves ramen, but it’s so formal it doesn’t really have the right atmosphere for a noodle shop.  Butao, though, is great.  Bring a book and wait in line – I assure you it is entirely worth it!


Original noodles, extra hard, extra green onions

Shop Lantern


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