XinJiShi (新吉士)-Shanghai

In Shanghai & Hangzhou on April 12, 2011 at 10:42 am

XinJiShi is one of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai. The decoration isn’t new or fancy, but you can still sit quite comfortably. The one I went to is located in XinTianDi, a popular tourist area, but I have heard that the original one is even better.

XinJiShi is a restaurant that serves classic Shanghainese food, but it’s special because the food is cooked extremely well. My favorite dish there is the earth chicken soup, served in a big white pot. The soup is clear and rich, lightly salted and very tasty. There isn’t much else besides the chicken – but the chicken used is a special “earth chicken” that gives a completely unique flavor.

Earth Chicken Soup

This wasn’t the only dish that won my approval.  Their congyoubanmian葱油拌面 – a mixed noodle with scallion – was the best I have ever tasted.  The crunchy fried scallions were laid atop chewy noodles, and the sauce was the perfect combination of sweet and salty.


Because we felt it would be healthy if we chose a vegetable dish as well, we asked the waiter for what was in season.  And he recommended this – “Cai jian”, cai, meaning vegetable.  This is a specific part of the Shanghai baby vegetable and was the best vegetable I had tasted in a long time, so much so that we finished off the entire plate.

Baby Shanghai Vegetable - In season

There was one dish that was particularly disappointing though – smelly tofu.  This is a classic and is normally one of my favorite dishes.  But it was mediocre – the edges were not crispy, and the insides too moist.  It could not compare to the other dishes.

Another dish that is one of my favorites normally is honey glazed ham with crispy bean curd.  The taste is a combination of salty, sweet, plump, crispy – it was quite good.  The only reason I have to be hesitant is that I’ve tasted a better one – in the restaurant “Suzhehui” or Jade Garden. Theirs is a dish with thick slices of ham , and adequate amount of thick honey.  But all the same, the quality of the ham was quite good here too!

Honey Glazed Ham with Crispy Beancurd and Wrapper

and…  I’ll have a brief description for the rest of the dishes we ate.

For appetizers we had a dry salted chicken and pork balls/sticks wrapped in bead curd and served in chicken soup.

Salted Chicken

Beancurd wrapped pork in chicken soup

And we also had an excellent hai fen fen pei – crab with thick clear noodles.  This dish can quite often turn out smelly, but at this restaurant it was very fresh (although the color may give indication to otherwise).

Crab with clear noodles

This is my favorite place to eat Shanghainese food in Shanghai – if you go to Shanghai this would be the first place I would recommend.


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