New iPad 2, Review

In Technology on April 16, 2011 at 8:53 am

When iPad 1 came out, I resisted going out to buy it.  It was the first of its kind, a pretty tablet but one that had not gone through the critique and improvement stage.  And I was glad I had waited, for, after trying out the iPad 1 in Apple shops, the iPad 2 is much better, though could still be improved.

Here it is:  my brand new wifi + 3G white iPad, red smart-cover yet to come.

White iPad 2

One of the reasons I didn’t buy iPad 1 when it came out was that it didn’t come in white.  After sacrificing the white color when buying an iPhone 4 (and learning that Apple had pretty much given up on making a white iPhone 4), I wouldn’t buy a black iPad.

iPad 2 has cameras!  Though I’m glad the iPad has cameras, the quality isn’t too good.  The lens, though it boasts of having “HD Video” is the same as on the iPhone, and the pictures on the iPad are all grainy (when seen on the iPad).  No doubt if you compress the pictures into an iPhone-size they will be relatively clear again.

Other than that I have little criticism for the iPad 2.  It is sleek – less bulky than the 1st iPad.  It has beautiful graphics, especially while running beautiful apps.  Also, with the 3G plan of $98 HKD per month, internet access is unlimited and virtually everywhere!  This makes the iPad especially useful, as things like youtube and safari are not limited or dependent on wifi.

A good app that I found is “Pulse”, a news reader app that displays picture icons of any website with RSS feeds.  This includes being able to see the icons and articles from this blog!  When you want to read the article, just tap on the icon and the article will pop up on the side.  You can also visit the actual website directly from the app.


So overall, the iPad 2 is pretty good! A new toy and something I can work with too.


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