AmanFayun Hotel Rooms & Scenery – Hangzhou

In Shanghai & Hangzhou on April 19, 2011 at 1:20 am

AmanFayun Hotel prides itself in being an exclusive place of tranquility.  It is in the mountains about 15 minutes away from the center of Hangzhou, near the Lingyin temple.  The hotel is built using the preserved houses of the village that existed long ago, that was, at one point, going to be demolished by the government.


Houses and roads are mostly as they were back then, but the interiors were all renovated to be more like a hotel.  Most buildings are around 300 years old, and the oldest building, the building that is now the library, is around 700 years old.

700 year old building - library

To get from place to place we traveled the main village path, where there was hardly anybody walking around.  At times this hollowness could feel scary, with only a few lamp posts to guide you at night.  But at other times this was a place of peacefulness and meditation.  The village was hardly touched yet flowers grew abundantly on naturally twisted branches, and the foliage was enchanting.  The paths were mystically laid with undergrowth and covered with clouds of fog hovering, only for us to break them.

Side Path

Carved Buddha on Mountain side

Fresh Flowers

Our hotel room was huge – there was a canopy bed, a large washroom, and heated floors.  There was plenty of empty space that gave it a clean feel, as well as big, grand yet humble closets that lined the hallway connection between the washroom and main room.  The washroom itself could be considered a room, and a big one at that.  Everything was tidy and clean, with a rustic touch.


Delicate Tea set

Canopy Bed

Hallway with Grand Rustic Closets




AmanFayun gives such a harmonious feel to it that commercial hotels could not endeavor to do the same with a typical building within a city, or even a common resort. We loved AmanFayun for its sense of peacefulness in the midst of our busy lives, and even our busy holidays.


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