Sunday Brunch at Whisk – Mira Hotel Kowloon

In Food - HK on April 20, 2011 at 3:10 am

We were in for a nice treat at a relatively new restaurant, Whisk, at the Mira Hotel in Kowloon.  This seems ridiculous, but the first time I visited this hotel I couldn’t find the entrance.  It turns out that their huge glass doors were completely black on the outside but see-through from the inside.

We specifically came to Whisk on Sunday for their brunch, which is known for two things: caviar and roasted suckling pig.  The caviar was properly chilled.  You order the main course (as many as you like) along with the buffet brunch , and the ones we ordered were pretty good too.  I’ll go into a little more detail later.  But what was really special about Whisk was the pig.  Set in their outside garden, the baby pig lay there, juicy and ready to be eaten. I got 2 narrow slices of it and it was sublime.  There was no doubt in my mind; I set out to get some more.

Caviar "Bar"

Suckling Pig

Appetizers were my second favorite part of the meal.  There was a surprisingly large variety of salads, which I enjoyed as the weather was getting hot.  There was a scallop with rose apple and pomelo salad that I particularly liked.  The scallops weren’t extremely thick (it was a buffet after all) but they were plump and refreshing.  Here is an appetizer plate that I got:

Appetizer Plate

The cheese table at Whisk was divine.  I love cheese, and they had an array of 18 cheeses for me to try.  True, most of them I had tried, and a lot tasted similar to the others, but at least these cheeses had quality.  They weren’t just parmesan blocks, or emmenthal slices (though I do like both of these cheeses).  One cheese I hadn’t tried before was Crottin de Chavignol, which was a semi-creamy cheese that was quite strong.  It tasted definitely of cheese and had the right strength – not too much so my nose blocked up but strong enough to be powerful in its flavor.

Cheese Table

Crottin de Chavignol

For main dishes we had Laksa, codfish, and a seabass.  They all tasted good but were nothing special.  I would recommend the Laksa, because the seabass did not come in thick slices and was a little dry.




Now for the dessert.  Dessert was lovely.  They had lots of cakes for us to try, and little pots of various things that tasted good as well.  One that I picked up was the floating Island, which was a soft fluff in a sea of caramel.

Dessert Table

Floating Island

I had an enjoyable lunch at Whisk, and the food was really good, as was the atmosphere.  They even had a DJ there controlling the music!


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