Special Easter Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons – Central

In Food - HK on April 22, 2011 at 10:59 pm

We waited one hour for afternoon tea.  But it was entirely worth it; today Four Seasons had a special Easter Afternoon tea, and it was cute as well as delicious.  Along with the normal tray platter of savories, small cakes, and scones, there was an easter themed buffet of various sweets.  There were macarons with rabbit ears, little chicken cakes, cookies decorated with fancy egg drawings, and much more (this doesn’t even cover the tray portion of our meal)!

Buffet Preview

One of My Plates (Yes, I went more than once to get food)

This was my favorite dessert from the table: a larger-than-normal apple macaron with grass-cream and bunny ears.  It wasn’t too sweet, a fault of many macarons, and had just the right tartness to it.

Bunny Apple Macarons

Another specialty of today’s easter afternoon tea, the  little chicken “cakes”.  It only had a thin layer of fondant and was filled with a thick lemon paste-like substance.  Quite good, but not as good as the macarons.

Chicken Cakes

The carrot cupcakes were certainly pretty, but the muffin part of it was dry, and the frosting average.  It certainly couldn’t compare to the carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting from Sift.

Carrot Cupcake

Tiramisu (with white chocolate egg on top), looked great in my pictures. The tiramisu itself was pretty normal, and I didn’t get around to eating the egg on it but it was pretty, so I took a glass.

Tiramisu with White Chocolate Egg

One more specialty from the table: a creamy, thick hot chocolate, and fluffy, soft, rabbit shaped marshmallows to go with it.  I love thick hot chocolates and this cup of hot chocolate was perfect.  The rabbit marshmallow that goes with it is like soft powder!

Rabbit Marshmallow on Thick Hot Chocolate

There were also a tray of little goodies on the dessert table, but I won’t go into them all.  There was a very good “popsicle” of room temperature chocolate that had crunchy bits that tasted good as well.

And now for the tea tray:  three levels, as is common, with savories, scones, and sweets.  After the sweets from the buffet, we could hardly munch on the sweets.  There was youghurt (in the cup), a macaron (which I have yet to try, we have brought the leftovers from the tray home), a cream puff and a cake.  Frankly these didn’t taste as good as the stuff on the buffet, but were cute and of quality.

Dessert Plate

Then there were the scones, half of which we packed home as well.  The scones here are huge and very filling, which I’m not sure is quite a good thing.  They gave us two per person, but each of us only managed to eat one, especially with the other goodies around us.  They were warm and had the right texture though.


We all particularly enjoyed the savory platter.  The sandwiches were all normal, but the egg salad topped with a few pieces of caviar tasted superb.  Also, I really enjoyed the roll, which was a crepe-like pastry wrapping parma ham.  There was also a salmon puff that was quite tasty.

Savory Platter

All in all this was a wonderful afternoon tea (as you may already know, I love afternoon teas in general anyway, but this was special), and the Easter treats were, well, special.  Having this afternoon tea was a one-time experience that I savored; waiting for an hour, not eating lunch, was all worth this visit to The Lounge, Four Seasons.


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