Sift, Cupcake (and Cake and Macaron) Shop

In Food - HK on May 3, 2011 at 11:44 am

Sift is a dessert store that sells cakes and macarons, much like any dessert shop.  What makes it special though, is their cupcakes.  They aren’t extravagant cupcakes, with flowers, or butterflies on it.  They’re simple, and in their simplicity there is a certain prettiness.

Sift Box

The cupcake they’re most known for, and one of my favorites, is the red velvet cupcake.  The red color doesn’t have any particular taste, but is pretty.  And the cupcake tastes good too – the frosting on top is a mix of cream cheese, and isn’t overly sweet.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Another cupcake with the signature cream cheese frosting is the carrot cupcake.  Although I don’t like carrots normally, this cupcake was good, maybe even better than the red velvet (though the red velvet looks more interesting).

Carrot Cupcake

Because I  tried this at the Lane Crawford Lounge and liked it, I bought this Hazelnut Mille-Feuille Cake.  This cake looks ordinary, but the hazelnut flavor hidden between the layers of pastry makes it a wonderful cake.

Hazelnut Mille-Feuille

Here is their website for the whole list of desserts:


  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG 🙂 u know who I am, im talking to you on skype right now! haha food obsession…

    -fatass 😀

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