A Happy Mother’s Day, along with Ms B’s Cakery

In Food - HK on May 7, 2011 at 5:31 pm

"We Love You", Mother's Day Card

Mother’s day is an event celebrated across the world, albeit on different dates.  This year’s lies on May 8th – which is tomorrow, but we’re celebrating it early.  For my mother’s day present, I got a cake from Ms B’s Cakery!

Ms B’s Cakery, on 39 Gough Street, Central, is the newly opened bakery by Bonnie Gokson.  She’s also the creator of Ms B’s Sweets, a part of the 13,000 sq ft. restaurant of Sevva, in Prince’s Building.  She has designed the highly acclaimed cakes of “Marie Antoinette’s Crave” and “Sevva’s Original Crunch Cake” (which I had for my birthday).

Ms B’s Cakery is a small shop, but every detail in decor has been attended to.  The cakes are astoundingly beautiful pieces of art.

And the Packaging is Nice Too!

The one I bought was the “Madame Butterfly”, a moist chiffon cake with layers of beetroot (red), pistachio (green), and chocolate (brown).

"Madame Butterfly"

On top there is a bit of apricot compote, which gives a little tartness to the cake.  Funneling through all 3 layers is a cylinder of fresh cream, which gives a smooth texture – something that contrasts the crunchy base.

"Madame Butterfly"

"Madame Butterfly"

The most unique part of the cake though, was the sugar butterfly, perched on the side of the cake.

Sugar Butterfly

We ordered the “Darling” Size, HKD $350, and it was a wonderful cake.  It certainly did not disappoint.  I’m already ready to try another cake from Bonnie Gokson.  Marie Antoinette’s Crave (Ms B’s Sweets)?  Rainbow Connection (Ms B’s Cakery)?  I don’t know, but for celebratory cakes in Hong Kong she has some of the best.

  1. Wow, the cake looks very delicious! I must try that sometime.

  2. hi there!

    thanks for your comments! i am really interested in trying the cakes at Mrs B’s but they are really too expensive to me. the smaller cakes are within the acceptable range so im most likely going to try some of those. they are beautiful tho,so delicately crafted that they look more like art pieces than cakes! so jealous that you got the cakes for celebrations twice!
    as for nha trang i go there quite often too, but only for lunch. somehow my dad doesnt like having noodles with soup for dinner but lunch.

    and a side note here – i first read your blog after visiting the lounge for the easter buffet – and my mum told me someone (apparently you!) was snapping photos of the sweets, just like what i would be doing before i eat. later i found your blog and thought it was you who i saw – and man, your photos are gorgeous! i wish i could take photos as nice as yours. and eat at place you have been to…like whisk for its sunday brunch. i ate at tiffin’s and the lounge@JW marriott for most of the time, but i find the spread of cheeses at whisk absolutely breath-taking!!!!!

    anyway – i hope you wont find this odd and will get back to me soon, id really love to chat more with you about food/photography/anything in HK!!!!!


    • Try the taster box – $150 for 3 cakes means $50 per cake, which is a bit expensive but ok. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. If you do try it, try the “better than sex” with the lips on top. I read online that this was really good!

      I can’t write more now, but thank you for taking your time to reply.

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