Betty’s Kitchen, for a Mother’s Day Lunch, IFC

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Betty’s Kitchen (Hong Kong) is a new western-style restaurant in IFC, opened by Alan Yau (who has previously opened restaurants in London).  As a party of 6 we went to try this new restaurant out.  It served brunch – normal meals as well as more breakfast-type meals.  The atmosphere was quite warm, and the whole stretch of it was against the window facing the harbor, which lit up the room.

Betty's Kitchen

The menu was a little pricey, but I thought the food was pretty good – and I would definitely go again.

There was a sunday 600g 21-day aged roast, for HKD $688 (sharing for two).  The meat was pink but not bloody at all, and the meat was very tender and juicy.  It was accompanied by a Yorkshire pudding, but I didn’t try it as I was told that it was too dry.

21-day aged roast, 600g

I ordered a stewed pork belly placed with lentils.  I really enjoyed my dish and thought it was the best of the meal, as the meat was tender and tasty, but not too salty.  With every bite I would add a little of the sweet raisin mustard sauce, and it would mix really well with the meat.  Though the bottom bit of meat is a little stringy, the taste of the dish was very good.  It is also nice if you are going for something a little more “interesting”, as I have not had a similar dish before.

Pork Belly in Slightly Creamy Lentils

I only tried a little of this “black pudding”, accompanied by a little baked apple and an egg.  This pudding is made of pork blood, and to me it just tasted like sausage, but I only tried a little bit.  My friend whose dish it was said the pudding was more of an “acquired taste”.

Black Pudding

There was also a plate of fish and chips, which had a crispy outside and was cooked well within.  It was a very good fish and chips, although a little ordinary.

Fish and Chips

The fish and chips also came with duck fat fries, which were excellent (from my point of view).  The taste of the fries were good, and served in a cute red pot.  The fries were a little soggy and not crispy at all – but I like soft fries (I think they have more taste), so really it’s how you prefer them.

Duck Fat Fries

I wouldn’t say Betty’s Kitchen is my favorite restaurant, but I think the food is pretty decent and some dishes (like the pork belly), outstanding.  The food was in no way bad or too ordinary, perhaps just not specialized enough.  I’m also hoping to see more variety on the menu next time I dine at this restaurant (and I will).


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