Sushi Dokoro Hikari 光

In Food - HK on May 15, 2011 at 1:52 pm

As it was the weekend, my friends and I went to a casual lunch at a relatively new restaurant, Hikari.  It was the first time we had eaten Japanese food since the earthquake, and we were longing for Japanese food!


One of the dishes we were expecting to try was a negi-toro and uni don with an onsen egg on top (a fatty tuna and sea urchin rice bowl, with a hot spring egg).  However we were met with disappointment when we heard that there was no sea urchin that day, and that the dish had been removed from the menu.  However, upon request we were able to order a negi-toro don with just the onsen egg.  It is one of the best negi-toro rice bowls I have ever eaten – the runny yolk of the onsen egg just dripped down and moistened the negi-toro, which was pretty fresh as well.

Fatty Tuna Rice Bowl with Hot Spring Egg

We also ordered a tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) rice bowl.  The pork they used was called Kinboshi pork 金星豚, and was very tender and tasty.  However, it was not any particularly better than other restaurants such as Ginza Bairin or Tonkichi.

Fried Pork Cutlet with Rice

We also ordered a plate of “Chef’s selection of sashimi”.  The seafood was very fresh – I particularly liked the shrimp sashimi, which was very sweet as well as the seared toro.  There were three slices of toro in total.

Chef's Selection of Sashimi

Each set also came with the classic steamed egg custard and salad:


Steamed Egg Custard

The Chef’s Selection of Sashimi and the Negitoro rice also came with a small bowl of udon.  Though pretty and tasty, the udon could have been chewier.


The dish that was really special was one that was given to us with the chef’s compliments: sliced tomato with ice-vegetables.  The ice-vegetables had little crystal-like bumps on it which gave it an interesting crunchy texture.  The tomato was extremely sweet and succulent, and went well with the slightly sour sauce.  These tomatoes, at HKD35 each, are from Kumomoto, Japan.  The tomatoes were so sweet that you wouldn’t know whether it was a fruit or vegetable.  I would definitely recommend trying this dish.

Tomato with Ice-Vegetables

Hikari was a new find for us. And I would love to come back to try omakase at dinner sometime. The current location is in Tin Hau, but they told us that they are opening a branch in Henry House Causeway Bay later this year, which will make it a lot more convenient.


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