Monsieur Chatte, Bonham Strand

In Food - HK on June 6, 2011 at 12:24 pm

Monsieur Chatte is one of the regular shops I visit in my free time.  It gives a nostalgic feel of the classic “cozy French cottage”, and serves all kinds of interesting cheeses, little pastries, and French canned and jarred goods.   On my usual visits, I will buy three things (unless I haven’t run out!): a new cheese to try, caneles, and a can of duck confit.

These are the cans of duck confit, they go wonderfully with a light salad for lunch.

Duck Confit

Caneles are a light snack you can have anytime.  They are difficult to make – there has to be the right amount of rum (a definite hint but not too much), they have to be chewy and moist, the outside harder but not too hard.  Monsieur does a good job – though the inside may be a bit too moist, their caneles are soft and chewy, with a nice hint of rum.

Caneles (plate 1, pig painting by Liu Ye)

Caneles (plate 2, blue fish plate. Chanel's summer yellow nail polish "Mimosa")

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of a cheese that I have bought from Monsieur Chatte, as I did not buy any this time around.  I quite like one of their savarins, which is creamy yet still relatively strong.  They have all sorts of cheeses and preserved French goods at Monsieur Chatte, as well as other pastries like Madelines.  I love spending my time there, rewarding myself with a few goodies.


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