Celebrity Eclipse, Northern Europe Cruise, Summer 2011

In Baltics on July 10, 2011 at 3:33 pm

A while back our family enjoyed a Mediterranean cruise, and we thought:  wouldn’t it be nice if we were to visit the Scandinavian countries and Baltics too?  With a cruise, we can get a taste of the different countries in the region within a short period of time, with the additional benefit of not having to deal with flights, hotels and luggages.  Sure, you can’t truly get to know a place in one day or two, but the variety is enticing.  So this summer I went with my parents on just such a cruise, with the Celebrity Eclipse ship. The ports we visited were Bruges-Belgium, Warnemunde-Germany, Helsinki-Finland, St. Petersburg-Russia, Tallinn-Estonia, Stockholm-Sweden, and Copenhagen-Denmark.

Here are some pictures of the ship and its facilities:

Our Ship! Celebrity Eclipse; taken at Tallinn, the best port to get a clear view of the ship

Sky Suite 2151, Left Most Corner below Oceanview Cafe and Bar

Our Room:

Our Suite: a Sky Suite in the aft



Bed is near the balcony

Sofa bed can also be arranged.

Lots of Closet Space!

Balcony - great for afternoon tea

Sunset at Sea

The facilities:

Solarium: Indoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi


Basketball Court

Below is the main dining room.  The dining room looks beautiful, but unfortunately, we found that the food here to be unsatisfactory – soup was often too salty, meat and fish were often too tough, and the rest of the dishes tasteless.  If you were to eat here though, order the seafood or pasta dish – the scallops they come with are big and cooked well, and the shrimps are firm. Sometimes we even found the buffet to be better.

Moonlight Sonata: Dining Room

Moonlight Sonata: Dining Room


There isn’t much organization in the library, but it’s a good place just to pick up a book to read.  I would recommend bringing your own book though.


We didn’t try this bar, but it serves “molecular” type drinks.

Molecular Bar


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