Dinner at Qsine, Specialty Restaurant on Celebrity Eclipse

In Baltics on July 13, 2011 at 12:56 pm

Soon after we boarded the ship we tried one of Celebrity’s specialty restaurants: Qsine. The restaurant is known to serve “fun” food, interesting but not exactly molecular gastronomy. We thought it’d be nice to try the restaurant, though when we entered we weren’t sure what to expect in terms of taste. But it turned out great! It was not only cool (which gives it some bonus points), but the food actually tasted good.


For a charge of US $35 per person, you can order as much as you want from the iPad menu, but this restaurant can really fill you up, so be careful. I found that the main courses were better here than the desserts (though the creme brulee served in an eggshell is a must).

iPad Menu

iPad Menu

Sangria was very light and refreshing, but alcohol was very easily consumed without being aware. Would definitely recommend trying. Comes in a big jug that can easily accommodate 3-5 people.


We started off with the Disco Shrimp, “Disco” because of the flashing light in the ice. This was really good because the shrimps were really firm.


Disco Shrimp

Next course – the Alaskan King Crab. There was a thin fried noodle-like outside stuffed with crab and corn, in a tasty soup. This dish tasted good mostly, but I thought that the corn didn’t really go with it.

Alaskan King Crab

The waiters recommended Treseviche but we didn’t really like it. They were 3 little cups all with different mixes of seafood and vegetable. However we found the tastes too strong – one was too sour, one too spicy, it was just overwhelming. The fries here are really good though.


Lobster escargot is lobster and snail cooked just as a standard escargot dish would be. Good but a little heavy.

Lobster Escargot

This next dish composes of 12 little mixes of Mediterranean food. The lamb (bottom left) and the chili concarne (below) are really tasty, and the whole dish is pretty good. Quite filling.

Mediterranean Set

Chili Concarne

This dish is the best – sizzling hot sliders (miniburgers), tender and very juicy. You can add the sauce, but I think it tasted better without.

Burger Sliders

We actually visited Qsine twice, so I’ve added the other dishes we ate the second time below.

Popcorn fish and chips made with cod fish were yummy but normal; came with too many croquettes.

Popcorn Fish & Chips, with Croquettes

Souffles were not as light as expected, soups were okay. Dish was average overall.

Soup & Souffle

A lot of very rich flavors in the next dish. A few curries, 1 vegetable mix, and 1 with ricotta cheese blocks covered in a slightly salty green sauce. I found this very interesting – the ricotta had the texture of a hard tofu, and the sauce was very unique.

Taj Mahal - Indian Mix

An excellent fillet mignon, perfectly tender. However, the portion is huge. They gave us one per person but really we could have shared one. Creamy spinach on the side is also very good.

Painters Fillet Mignon

Desserts! What we all loved was the creme brulee, which came in an egg hidden in the grass of a basket. Strawberries were okay, but good for presentation.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Make sure to get the vanilla flavor!

Vanilla Creme Brulee

My favorite dessert would be the beignets and doughnuts. Fattening but very good texture.

Beignets & Doughnuts

The other desserts were rather ordinary, and we didn’t really have the stomach to eat them. Here is a soft cheesecake, tasted pretty good, but nothing special.

Soft Cheesecake

We had fun decorating our cupcakes.

Decorating Our Cupcakes

Cool presentation, just normal gelato inside.

Silver Bullet - Mango, Strawberry, and Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Berries

Like a regular chocolate cake but way too much of it.

Chocolate Tomb

Qsine is a pretty fun restaurant, and the food generally tasted really good. There was a mix of flavors, and though it was fusion, there were some great dishes. I would try it at least once.  Anyway, the food here is much better than the food served in the Moonlight Sonata.


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