Stop 2 – Warnemunde & Schwerin, Germany

In Baltics on July 19, 2011 at 8:47 pm

Our ship docked at Warnemunde, Germany, our second stop on the Baltics Cruise. We decided not to travel all the way to Berlin as it would take about 6 hours round trip. In the end we chose to visit Schwerin, to see their famous Schweriner Schloss, a romantic castle. The train we took went from Warnemunde to Rostock Hbf, where we switched trains to get to Schwerin. An one-way journey takes about an hour and half.

It was easy to walk from the train station to the castle; on the way we passed by an alleyway with a stall that had some barbecued ham on a spit. We had 1 serving for a little street snack – it was mostly tender, and the glaze was just right. The sauerkraut it came with was very good.

Barbecqued Ham

Schweriner Schloss! At last we arrived at the castle. It may not be as grand compared to other castles, but it was a pretty sight in the town and the gardens were expansive and good for a nice afternoon stroll.

Castle at Schwerin (Schweriner Schloss)

Castle at Schwerin (Schweriner Schloss)

Back of Castle

We enjoyed spending a relaxing afternoon just exploring the gardens of Schweriner Schloss, which was very diverse. There was a lot of ground to cover, garden to explore, and all sorts of flowers to wonder at.

Garden by the Castle

Garden by the Castle

Garden by the Castle

Garden by the Castle

Garden by the Castle

Garden by the Castle

We stopped by at a cafe on the way back to the train station at Schwerin, and sampled 2 light cakes with latte. The cakes were surprisingly flavorful, and very airy, satisfying for an afternoon snack.

Black Truffle Cake

Light Cream Cake

Back at Warnemunde, we took a little diversion into the port town. The scene was very vibrant, and the ambience was lively. Smaller, colorful boats dotted the canal that ran through the main street. However we found that Schwerin was a lot more peaceful, and Warnemunde had a more touristy feel to it. A lot of restaurants, but we didn’t try any. Lots of seagulls too!

Seagulls at Warnemunde

Seagulls at Warnemunde


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