Madam Sixty Ate – 60 Johnston Road, Entrance on Ship Street

In Food - HK on July 29, 2011 at 2:26 pm

It’s been a while since I’ve treated myself to a nice exciting lunch.  Partly because I’ve eating out too much – and partly because I wanted to try Madam Sixty Ate, a restaurant that required a week or two of advanced booking. So I waited patiently, not wanting to upset my stomach.  Finally the day came and I had the chance to enjoy a delightfully clean, tasty lunch from Madam Sixty Ate.

Smile 🙂

Interior decoration was great, as was the open kitchen

Paintings are intriguing

Paintings are intriguing

Our appetizer: a confit of juicy salmon atop a light risotto with some cabbage paste on the side, a true summer dish.  Salmon was a bit bland-tasting though.

Confit of Salmon

I got up to look around between courses, but when I came back there was a beautifully plated dish of sliced pork fillet in a nice onion sauce with just the right amount (a little bit) of mashed potato.  It was so tender! This dish of pork fillet must have been the most tender I’d ever eaten.  Delicious.

Pork Fillet

Then our dessert came.  A meringue mille-feuille filled with a strong passionfruit custard, with some lychee.  Very refreshing and appropriate for the summer! Passionfruit flavor was a bit overpowering, but still yummy.

Meringue Mille-Feuille with Passionfruit Custard

I loved the flavors here – it wasn’t too fussy or too complicated, but the ingredients were all fresh and certainly inviting.  I had a friend who told me that the service wasn’t too good (the food came too slow), but I had a great experience (food actually came pretty quickly), and the chefs were very friendly.  They even stopped to pose for a picture!

Thumbs Up!

Their website: http://madamsixtyate.com.hk/


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