This is my first post, and it is all about Effli:

I suppose I must first tell you my reasons for creating Effli.  Effli is a sort of an anagram for life; that is, it spells liffe, but what it is trying to portray is life (or rather my life).  Just like many bloggers, I love to eat and to travel.  Through Effli I hope to share with you the places I visit, and new flavors I experience.  I live in Hong Kong, and will constantly update on the new restaurants I try.  Since many of the blogs I have seen and learnt from are in Chinese, I thought – why can’t I do a blog, but one directed towards english readers? So here I am.

A few things to note:

I have 3 cameras: The Sony NEX-5, the Nikon D300, and a Nikon FM2 (manual camera)

For most purposes I will use my NEX-5 as it is convenient.  Have I not mentioned that I love to take photographs as well?  I also believe every post should be accompanied by as many pictures as possible.  Unfortunately I have none appropriate for this one, but I will soon post.

If you want to contact me, you can email effli.life@gmail.com!

  1. Fantastic photos! Makes me want to go out and buy a good camera.

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