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A Short Leave

In Announcements on June 13, 2011 at 10:16 am

I will be making a summer trip to the Baltics of Europe, a cruise holiday.  I won’t be gone long, but while I’m away I don’t have internet access, and won’t be writing posts.  Come back to look at my posts on my trip in July!


My Very First Post

In Announcements on March 19, 2011 at 10:19 am

I suppose I must first tell you my reasons for creating Effli.  Effli is a sort of an anagram for life; that is, it spells liffe, but what it is trying to portray is life (or rather my life).  Just like many bloggers, I love to eat and to travel.  Through Effli I hope to show you the best spots to vacation, what to eat – and what not to eat.  I live in Hong Kong, and will constantly update on the new restaurants I try.  Since many of the blogs I have seen and learnt from are in Chinese, I thought – why can’t I do a blog, but one directed towards english readers? So here I am.


A few things to note:

I have 3 cameras: The Sony NEX-5, the Nikon D300, and a Nikon FM2 (manual camera)

For most purposes I will use my NEX-5 as it is convenient.  Have I not mentioned that I love to take photographs as well?  I also believe every post should be accompanied by as many pictures as possible.  Unfortunately I have none appropriate for this one, but I will soon post.