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Marc By Marc Jacobs Sunglasses and Dress

In Beauty & Skincare on April 1, 2011 at 10:45 am

Since summer is coming up, I went out to get a new summer dress.  I wanted something special, and this dress(below) showed up in a lot of magazines.  It is from Marc by Marc Jacobs and has an “A-cut”, with blue stripes down it.  What’s interesting though is that you can flip open the 2 halves of a dress and instead of blue and white stripes, you get blue and yellow stripes.  Most of the time these yellow strips remain hidden, but when they do chance to be seen they create quite an interesting picture.  It isn’t cheesy – quite the contrary.  The design is elegant and really is special.  If you were ever to curtsy you could even fan out the dress to show the transition between white and yellow stripes.  Here it is:


Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress and Sunglasses

The picture above is not an actual advertisement for Marc by Marc Jacobs and is not affiliated in any way:)


New Celine Bag!

In Beauty & Skincare, Graphics & Assorted Photographs on March 20, 2011 at 7:46 am

While shopping around at Landmark, I saw a simple, bright, Céline bag, and decided that was to be my summer bag.  It is a nice orange-pink which happens to be my favorite color, so after a day’s consideration I quickly went out to purchase it. I thought that since it was my favorite color, and the exact shade is quite uncommon, that it was worth its price.  Here it is below:

Pink Celine Bag

Almost totally irrelevant, here is a poster I made advertising the Céline summer collection, for fun (it is not in any way related to the actual Céline, just a poster I designed in my spare time):

Céline Poster


Sweet Magazine

In Beauty & Skincare on March 20, 2011 at 5:28 am

Usually my magazine choice varies from Spur, Sweet, and Spring, 3 Japanese fashion magazines.  Spur is usually my favorite choice since it has a more refined taste, although Sweet and Spring are quite good too.

This month’s Sweet magazine was one of my favorite though.  It came with a nice kitson red and white checkered bag, and a mini pouch to go with it.  I love this because the design is good and the pouch fits my iphone perfectly.

Kitson Pouch

Kitson bag

Remember this summer’s colors are nice and bright!

Steam Cream

In Beauty & Skincare on March 20, 2011 at 5:20 am

I recently bought a jar of Steam Cream from Harvey Nichols Landmark.  It claims to be a “universal cream” for face, body, and hands.  I don’t usually like to try new products because it is better to keep to the same treatment, but I tried Steam Cream on my face and really does make it smooth and moist! So I am in love with this product.

The best part about it (and the reason why I bought it) though,  is for its packaging design.  It’s limited edition, and very pretty, especially among my shelf.  You can see the design below.

Steam Cream "Suruga" Design

I recommend you go look at their site: http://www.steamcream.co.uk/top.html

to check out the designs done by two Japanese artists in Tokyo.  Even if you don’t read Japanese, you should go check out the Japanese store – the deigns are on the second link.  They have the best designs, and France stores are also comparable.